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Brewery Flooring – what’s involved and when to do it!

A brewery environment has very specific demands and challenges, these can include:-

– large volumes of water in both production and the cleaning down process.
– heavy use of chemicals used in the cleaning process, after each fermentation process the surfaces and floors need to be decontaminated every single time.
– water temperatures, where the water being used is just under boiling point.

Therefore, the floor needs to be able to drain a lot of water – and quickly! Not only that, it needs to withstand harsh chemicals and heat from the water. When chemicals react with the heat of the water, they become more reactive, so the floor needs to be incredibly durable and watertight. The aim is to remove the water as quickly as possible.

It is therefore important during the planning stage of any brewery or distillery floor to ensure you have sufficient drainage for your needs. Retrospective installation of these can be costly and means production shutdown. You need to decommission everything and remove it all which can be more costly than the floor itself. Furthermore, stainless steel silos are sensitive to movement, so a big open space is best. When the building is empty, drainage and falls (slight coves around the corner of the walls) can be installed with ease. This is something Creation are qualified to install. We use stainless steel drainage able to withstand harsh chemicals. The bulk of a flooring project cost can be installing falls and drainage.

Our most robust system is our HygieneFlor, an anti-slip and watertight polyurethane resin, that is incredibly durable and can be used in brewery and distillery settings.

But breweries and distilleries are not only production facilities, now many are diversifying and becoming visitor centres as well to give them extra income. Production areas are becoming part of a “brewery experience”. We have often worked with breweries to provide a range of finishes, including trendy polished concrete, or micro concrete within their guest bars.

In terms of timescales, at a minimum a brewery floor is from 3 days onwards, but can be up to a week if installing falls and drainage.

To find out more about brewery flooring, or distillery flooring click here.

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