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The past few weeks has seen unprecedented circumstances creating huge change, worries and concerns which have affected both the business and my family. As a business owner, I have seen the significant impact this has had on our company and all the Partners within it. These concerns are made even more acute with little financial support available for our Partners and many of our specialist suppliers and sub-contractors.

The government has been clear that construction works are to continue (view here), and that where people can’t work from home they can travel to work. However, as a nationwide business we have experienced huge variance across the country as sites, customers and suppliers (not to mention police forces), have made their own interpretations of the available guidance, resulting at times in difficult and conflicting decisions on what is the right thing to do.

Fundamentally our business relies on safe, fit and healthy teams being able to access our customers’ sites to deliver flooring construction solutions. This presents us with a moral dilemma in reconciling allowing people to work (who need to work) while protecting the business and at the same time following safe operational practices in what has become an extremely challenging environment.

Safety and wellbeing of our people has always been paramount to our business and never more so than now. The significant challenge is how can we operate within the construction industry, maintain our business and keep our staff and clients safe?

As Managing Partner of the business a lot of this decision process has sat with me. I want to protect my people, safeguard the future of the business, while implementing UK Government guidance and the safest possible operating procedures.

To this end, we have adapted and are now implementing a series of measures to improve our safe operating procedures these include;

– Viral decontamination of all our working environments by Biocide Fogging with an EN14476 accredited viral disinfectant before we commence flooring works. Further details can be read here.

– Revised risk and method statements in line with current Public Health Guidance for managing risk of COVID-19 infection and spread.

– Daily COVID-19 symptom screening and reporting of all staff.

With these new measures in place I am completely confident that we will be able to continue delivery of high quality specialist industrial flooring to our customers up and down the country, and we look forward to doing so.

Kevin Jarrett


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