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Why floor demarcations can save you money

Resin flooring has a long and proven track record at improving workplace appearance and thus productivity. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs was derived many years before the first two part epoxy hit a workplace floor, however, it is as relevant today as ever before.

Companies are seeking to improve working conditions and environments in order to safely maximise productivity. Furthermore, even the smallest business is now looking to impress potential new clients with the appearance of their building. This is further reinforced by the audit and inspection culture that has been borne from companies working their way through ISO qualifications as well as industry standards.

Gone are the days where we are simply asked to tidy up or paint a floor. Now customers demand far more life expectancy and productivity. At creation we do that through HTC diamond grinding preparation. This is the latest and most cutting edge floor preparation and vacuum system. This has shown to improve bond strength and wear characteristics of even the thinnest resin treatments as well as improving the initial aesthetic.

Demarcation is now a more common feature of the floors we install. This in its basic form allows companies to address health and safety concerns. A simple zebra crossing to alert traffic and pedestrians of the present dangers is just one example. This is now being enhanced by a new breed of business change that is sweeping the blue chip arena. Lean Six Sigma is a well established form of working seeking to achieve efficiency from every process and interaction the business makes. This in turn drives up quality.

A recent project that involved Kanban an extremely lean form of just in time manufacturing utilised coloured boxes to signify product and item locations. Everything had a home. The production line was tidier, safer but importantly saving £20k plus per annum on over supplied stock that was not needed. The old adage “that what does not get measured does not get managed” could not have been more true.

We love to end all of our blogs with a question. So when asked if you can afford to treat your floors you may now be challenged; can you afford not to treat your floors. Think outside the box and make your building and business work harder.

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