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Creation are leading industrial flooring contractors, we offer a range of industrial flooring solutions suitable for warehousing, manufacturing and other harsh environments. Typical requirements include chemical resistance, slip resistance and impact resistance.  Specialist requirements can also include high tolerances of flatness and anti-static qualities. The need to withstand forklift trucks and other heavy trafficking are also features of our industrial flooring options.

Bespoke specifications can be tailored to suit localised areas (for example, an area surrounding a particular machine or process), or can cover the total floor area of your business (for example, VNA racked warehouse). Demarcations including walkways, lines and safety demarcations can also be included for all solutions in addition to multi coloured finishes to denote different operating and work areas.

We understand the need for your business to remain operational and the performance of the floor is key to this. Our solutions are available with a range of performance life spans and material manufacturer backed guarantees to suit all budgets. We also appreciate the disruption a new flooring installation can cause and therefore we can offer out of hours and phased work programmes.

Creation’s resource and technical knowledge, coupled with the latest preparation equipment and world class products allow us to cater for all your industrial flooring requirements, large or small.


Examples of our industrial flooring product solutions:

ResinFlor™ – where a sealed dust-proof surface is required ranging from epoxy coatings, through to heavy duty polyurethane screeds

DiamondFlor™ CX – polished concrete flooring solutions for a dustless, life long, hassle free functional floor

PumpFlor™ – damaged or uneven floors made flat

HygieneFlor™ – for environments where food and beverage production are carried out or other hygiene sensitive operations


Case study videos of our solutions:

ResinFlor™ – industrial resin system – installed at Gledhill

DiamondFlor™ CX – polished concrete – installed at Sugarfayre

PumpFlor™ – pump screed flooring – installed at Eddie Stobart

HygieneFlor™ – commercial kitchen flooring – installed at Malmaison Hotel


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