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Creation PumpFlor™ is a fast track pump screed flooring solution that can renovate, repair and level concrete floors. It is also possible to level and repair poorly formed or rain damaged slabs economically.

PumpFlor™ is a rapid hardening flow screed system that provides a high performance, self-smoothing and durable floor finish suitable for the toughest environments. PumpFlor™ can be used as a finished floor surface in its own right, or as a reliable underlayment that can be topped with a variety of floor finishes options.

For those seeking DM, FM or SR levels of flatness, PumpFlor™ is a perfect solution. Levelling pins can be applied to the floor, no matter how large, with the screed then applied to the required datum. The ability to do this coupled with its hard-wearing properties make it the perfect solution for warehouses and VNA fork truck areas.

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