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Is polished concrete the future of commercial flooring? We think so.

In 2015 we have seen a significant upturn in the demand for real polished concrete. Architects and Designers are now looking at ways to save money on larger commercial projects but also how to reduce the carbon footprint of a project. Real polished concrete ticks both boxes.

The faster paced shop fit arena seems dominated by overlays and micro concrete finishes, which to be honest, seems a good space for them. Products such as our DesignFlor system have found themselves a niche in offering colour controlled aesthetics in spaces that often have timber substrates, access issues and fast track pressures. A good example was a recent project undertaken for Carhartt in Birmingham, UK. The ability here to control the colour, texture and take the product vertically gave added design value.

The market in the UK and Internationally, seems now to appreciate fully the two very distinct types of polished concrete on the market. The overlay and micro system has found a solid place alongside real concrete. However, when considering the ‘Future of Commercial Flooring’ it is real concrete polished using diamonds that will stand the test of time. Proven maintenance systems such as the HTC Twister pad can now guarantee the long term appearance and performance of a floor, unheard of with any other floor solution.

We find now that large retailers such as Walmart are moving towards polished concrete for its value benefits. Their scale provides economies that make polished concrete a wise choice. Others look to polished concrete for its incredible performance; from warehouses to offices the benefits of polished concrete can be enjoyed. Featured below is a new office, warehouse and showroom space. Polished concrete was suitable for all aspects of this business and visually it hit all the companies branding cues of industrial chic.
Is polished concrete the future of commercial flooring? We think so. It is a very versatile system with an almost infinite range of flavours. In 2015 it has been exercised by some as a means to save money on a project, others to reduce environmental impact and most because it looks fantastic.

It is often said that Polished Concrete is a passing fad. We like to think of it as the dance music of flooring, it just evolves.

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