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When we heard the propeller heads of HTC were launching ground breaking new floor grinders we knew they would mean business. As a Swedish company their attention to detail is surpassed by no other, so we were first in line in the UK to buy not one, but two new Duratiq machines.

Boy are we pleased. HTC are the Formula One of grinding technology as global leaders in the supply of polished concrete machinery and tooling. Even their older HDX machines that were launched some 10 years ago are still advanced today compared to the latest from other manufacturers in Scandinavia and the US. The new machines are the result of a major project embarking on global feedback and intense studies into the future needs of their customers.

As a business, we rely on the best, whether it’s our fleet of Mercedes vans or our polished concrete machinery. Downtime for us costs money and upsets customers. We don’t want that. HTC are market leaders and have high standards and we share that ethos.

We purchased one of each Duratiq machine, an RX6 and RX8 (600mm and 800mm grinding width). Ultimately, the Duratiq machines are engineered in a way to improve day to day handling of this type of machinery, making is safer for the operator. They are all remote controlled so there is no hand arm vibration. Through clever onboard diagnostics the Duratiq machine is able to report back live on how it’s operating, alerting you to potential problems and reducing downtime. They have also advanced a lot of the technology inside the machine which require a lot less maintenance, which means we can have peace of mind knowing our kit won’t fail. The machines are slightly heavier than the HDX predecessor achieving higher gloss values, they also produce less dust. As the weeks go on and our use and experience increases, we continue to be impressed…yet again.

For further information on the Duratiq machines click here.

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