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pump screed flooring

Pumpflor™ is Creation’s pump screed flooring, a unique and clever way of renovating existing concrete floors and returning them to a smooth ‘irregularity free’ surface. Pumpflor™ is not a new product so the title of this article may be deceptive, however, it is one of our mainstay products and seems to have no bounds. Pumpflor™ is a polymer modified concrete that can be manufactured to overcome a variety of substrate issues and to perform in certain environments. One of the best features of a Pumpflor™ is that it cures in 4-6 hours to receive foot traffic and 12 hours to return to light traffic and use. The system is entirely joint free and only needs to reflect sub floor joints and details. The prime example of where Pumpflor™ is used would be an existing industrial slab that is rough and pitted. Years of use will create hazards in the floor for fork trucks and the inevitable continual cycle of repairs is often where we come in. Repairing concrete is an exact science and all too often it does not work long-term. The ability to lay Pumpflor™ from 5mm thick up to around 70mm makes it incredibly attractive as most floors are only ever 7-10mm from smooth.


We tend to install Pumpflor™ by a mechanical pump (as depicted) capable of delivering around 2500m² of floor per day. However, small areas can be treated with hand mixing. Pumpflor™ pound for pound is one of the best value products on the market not least because it then provides the perfect base for a resin system such as coatings. Coatings are the entry level of floor protection but when applied to a smooth substrate their life is extended considerably. Their appearance is improved significantly too and we find some of the world’s largest engineering companies heading this way. Industrial and commercial floors that need renovation need to look no further than a polymer modified pump screed. These products have incredibly high compressive strengths and will often be stronger than the surface they overlay. A recent project we embarked on was a ‘Frost Damaged’ slab on a large 8,000m² pour. The concrete was assessed by the Concrete Society and degradation of the concrete was observed to a depth of 5mm. The options were to remove the slab or to renovate. Owing to the speed, cost and strength of Pumpflor™, a perfect solution was found. In just a few days 7mm was removed nominally using our specialist ride-on plane and 7mm of Pumpflor returned in its place. Within 7 days the floor was fully operational and compared to the alternatives significant time and money was saved. Pumpflor™ also has a use in high end designer markets for commercial premises. The move towards polished concrete and concrete effect floors as a stylish alternative to woods and vinyl’s finds Pumpflor™ carving another niche. Coloured systems and systems with fine aggregate that can be mechanically polished are just a tweak of an already well established product. See Designflor™ MC.


It’s safe to say at Creation we love Pumpflor™. It’s reliability makes it one of our favourite products to use and in what we do it really does give you ‘WOW’ factor. The title of this article is ‘ The mother of all invention’ and Pumpflor™ is that. Not just because it’s amazing that you can make a concrete floor from 5mm upwards but because its limits have not yet been found. We often find ourselves each week with a flooring problem for which this seems to tick the box. Excitingly, this seems to be one product that the UK is ahead of the curve on. You will find me banging on about how the USA and Euro countries are miles ahead with innovation, training and experience. This is one case where we at least stand toe to toe with the USA! Yeehah!

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