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Resin Flooring Cost per m2

Resin flooring cost per square metre depends on several different factors. We are always asked to provide ballpark costs but as no two projects are ever the same a site visit is essential to give an accurate cost per square metre. The main four factors to consider are:


1 – Area Size

Area size will help determine the resin flooring cost per metre square, in conjunction with the layout. One large open area of 1,000m2 is very different to one with several rooms and corridors. Accessibility to the area is also an important factor e.g. is it on the ground floor or several floors up? As the area size increases the price per metre becomes less, owing to the economies of scale.


2 – Floor Preparation

Before any resin system is applied the floor area will need to be prepared. Even a new concrete floor, or screed will still need some preparation. Obviously, a dirty contaminated floor with previously installed floor coverings (resin, wood, tiles) will need more preparation. Or in some instances a concrete sub floor overlaid with a screed that is failing will need to be completely removed before the sub floor can be prepared and built back up ready for the new resin system. The cost difference here can be from a few pound per m2 to tens of pounds per m2. Things like diamond grinding, enclosed steel shot blasting and scarifying can be used. Various machines of different size, levels of access and power maybe needed to cover all of these existing floor situations.


3 – Making Good

Are there areas that need making good? Damage to the floor, bolts, redundant drains or any other ironwork and items that will need repairing before the new floor is installed.


4 – Resin Systems

Depending on the client’s requirements several options are available. At the entry level, we have floor coatings (floor paints) right through to thick heavy-duty resin screeds that are trowel applied and can have anti-static, anti-slip qualities etc. The most commonly used resin types include: epoxy, polyurethanes, MMA’s, polyaspartics and cementitious materials. These options will be discussed during the site visit based on the client’s requirements and budgets.


Other factors like working at night (restricted hours), specialist access equipment, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or plant that is outside the norm and maybe required will add to the standard system m2 rates.


Whilst it can be easy to provide a cost price per square metre for the resin product itself, all the above factors need to be considered. The only way to do this accurately is with a site visit in which needs and requirements as well as timescales and guarantees can all be discussed. For more information, visit our resin flooring systems page.


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