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industrial floors

Each week we receive dozens of enquiries for industrial floors varying from warehouses to food factories, hangars to hotels. Meeting the customer and carrying out a site inspection is an essential part of the job and over the years we’ve concluded there are 3 main reasons why customers choose to invest in their floors.


1 – Floor Failures

Industrial floors can fail over time. Whether they are breaking up in places, or not able to withstand the traffic they receive across joints, floors have a life span. One of the biggest reasons for failure is dusting, a powdery surface that gets worse with sweeping and covers everything! A recent client realised it was time to invest when their staff were spending 25% of their working day cleaning furniture products before they could send them out, delaying shipments. Another reason is the changing demands on a warehouse floor. Over time, as businesses grow or change, it maybe that the floor is no longer fit for purpose as larger more efficient machinery, plant and manual handling equipment is deployed.


2 – Aesthetics

We live in a world of first impressions! But whilst it’s nice to have a visually good looking floor, branded with your company logo and colourful line markings, good looking floors also help grow business. For example, most manufacturers, distributors and logistics operators are deeply embedded within the quality assurance processes such as ISO standards. The business partnerships they interact with demand certain standards and often involve auditing. If your industrial floors are tired and run down, you could be losing valuable business. Aside from this, new industrial floors improve the working environment. Attractive floors, with areas well marked out bode well for an improvement in staff morale and productivity.


3 – Health & Safety

Health, safety and environmental considerations are paramount to every enquiry received. Floor demarcations such as walkways, zebra crossings and hatchings are not only important for staff safety but also visitors. One of our clients, a major blue chip company, has a fast-moving production line and they have invested in a series of floor demarcations to help with their just-in-time production. Items appear on the factory floor in the right place, at the right time and they are saving £20k per annum. But it’s not just line markings, the qualities within the floor are important too. Slip resistance, anti-static, hygienic or clean room requirements can all dictate how we approach each project.


Investing in the future of your industrial floors is an important decision. It’s essential to really think through your requirements from the perspective of its use, the people using it and requirements from your suppliers. A new floor can increase productivity, reduce accidents and help grow your business. It’s about solving the problem but also adding value where the extras margins are made!

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